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We wish to briefly introduce to you GP2R...

The company Günter Partsch - Rencontres Reisen is a company which has been specialized in group journeys for kids, youth and adults as well as services combined with these trips. Place of the company is the town called Viernheim with 32,000 inhabitants situated in Rhein-Neckar-triangular in the south of Hessen. Viernheim belongs to district Bergstraße in county Darmstadt.

Günter Partsch

Decisive facts for the choice of the company's place were the favorable logistic situation (north/south highways A5 and A67 as well as the east/west highway A 659), the bordering on of three federal countries (Hessen, Baden-Württemberg and Rheinland-Pfalz) and last but not least the fact to be situated in the sixth greatest economic domain of the Federal Republic. The cities of Mannheim and Ludwigshafen are located in a distance of 5 resp. 15 kilometers. The city of Frankfurt - one of the most important finance and fair place of Europe - can be reached by car within approximately half an hour. The company has been founded by Günter Partsch who finished his sociology education with diploma. From 1991 until beginning of 1995, he were employed as manager of an association in Viernheim on full time basis. The main task of this association is the support of German-French meetings. The necessary experiences and contacts in the field of group trips for kids, youth and adults could be collected there, which was a great advantage when founding the company.

The staff of the company is consisting of the foreign-language secretaries Bärbel Fetsch and Judith Lipp, the italian airport hostess Luciana Donadeo as well as further collaborators who will be engaged temporarily on fee basis Furthermore, the carrying-out of different projects is guaranteed by means of placing the orders to competent cooperation partners.

The various activities of GP2R can be classified in the following fields:

Bärbel Fetsch

1. agency for locations suitable for children, youth and adult groups
2. agency for locations suitable for individual tourists or smaller groups
3. organisation of arrival/departure at/from holiday site (bus transfer, railway and airplane)
4. organisation of school and study trips
5. providing and carrying out of holiday activities (canoeing, mountainbiking etc.)
6. providing and carrying out of projects for cultural youth and adult education
7. carrying out of pleasure-trips for families
8. consultation for all questions of trip planning and organisation of holiday activities

The aim of GP2R Günter Partsch - Rencontres Reisen is to be understood as a cosmopolitan company wishing to enable and to support with its work the interchange and meeting of people of different nations and cultures. However, this interchange should take place not only by means of mutual visits, but also by understanding the culture and way of living of the corresponding population.

On the basis of the comprehension that cultural and political education could be an important support and assistance for nations' understanding, and that the contribution for cultural and political education should not start when being an adult but already at the age of kids and youth, GP2R wishes to support the groups of children, youth and adults by means of the various activities. GP2R is not to be understood as a profit-company whereby the aim is maximum proceeds.

Judith Lipp

In fact, everybody is conscious of the fact that a company is liable to various economical obligations. However, social and ecological components are constituting an essential element of our company's philosophy.

Due to the fact that the text of our program is rather voluminous and the translation has not yet been completed, we ask you to kindly contact us if you have any questions.

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